1 Name
1.1 The Club will be known as Hayes Hawks BMX Club.

2 Affiliations
2.1 The Club will affiliate to, and abide by the rules and regulations of the British Cycling Federation and will ensure that Club Members are represented at BCF Divisional / Regional level.
2.2 The Club may affiliate to any local or regional Sports Councils or Sports Development organisations.

3 Aims & Objectives
The objectives of the Club shall be:
3.1 to organise and promote BMX racing
3.2 to organise and promote any other aspects of BMX cycle disciplines
3.3 to encourage the coaching and development of BMX riders
3.4 to promote and assist the creation and development of new and existing BMX Clubs.
3.5 The Club shall encourage new riders, especially young riders, to take up off-road cycling.
3.6 Co-operate with the British Cycling Federation and it's Regions/Divisions to promote and develop cycling as a healthy and worthwhile sport and pastime.
3.7 to co-operate with other organisations in the promotion and development of cycling as a healthy and worthwhile sport and pastime.
3.8 Encourage equal opportunities for all users and seek to ensure access, regardless of age, disability, race, ethnic origin or creed, sex or sexual orientation.

4 Membership
The Club shall have the following classes of membership:
4.1 Member - any person who pays the appropriate annual subscription.
4.2 Rider - any person who pays the appropriate annual subscription and takes out a British Cycling Federation membership and competition licence.
4.3 Day Rider - any person who takes out a temporary licence in order to experience BMX racing and be covered by the Club's insurance.
4.4 The rate of subscription for all classes of membership will be decided by the Club at the Annual General Meeting, or at an Extra-ordinary Meeting called specially for that purpose.
4.5 The Club shall have the right to decline to accept any membership application without being required to give a reason for the rejection.
The Club shall have the right, at its discretion, to terminate the membership of any member.
Decisions to decline or terminate any class of membership will normally be taken by the Club Committee. All such decisions will be notified, in writing, to the person concerned. Any person wishing to appeal against a membership decision may do so, in writing, to the Club Committee, within 30 days of being notified of the decision. The Club Committee will consider the appeal and inform the member of the outcome within 30 days.

5 Membership Rights
5.1 Each Member shall have one vote.
Only Members who have been Members for more than 90 days may vote at Annual General and Extra-ordinary Meetings.
Only Riders with a current BCF membership and licence and Day Riders may take part in competitions organised by the Club.

6 Annual General Meetings
6.1 The financial year shall run from 1 January until 31 December.
6.2 The Annual General Meeting will be held within 3 months of the year end.
6.3 Only formal resolutions may be discussed at the Annual General Meeting.
6.4 In the event of equal numbers of votes being cast, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
6.5 Annual General Meetings must have a quorum of not less than 20% of the Members.

7 Extra-ordinary Meetings
Requests for Extra-ordinary meetings must:
7.1 be made, in writing, to the Club General Secretary
7.2 be signed by the proposer and at least 10% of Members
7.3 state clearly the reason(s) for calling an extra-ordinary meeting
7.4 explain why the issues cannot be resolved other than by extra-ordinary meeting.
7.5 On receipt of a valid request the Secretary shall, within 30 days, arrange to hold an extra-ordinary meeting and send 30 days notice to all Members.
7.6 On all issues other than changes to the Constitution, voting at extra-ordinary meetings will be on a straight majority of the votes cast by Members attending the meeting.
7.7 Resolutions calling for changes to the Constitution must receive the support of not less than 70% of all Members voting.
7.8 The Chairman shall not have a casting vote at extra-ordinary meetings.

8 Annual Accounts
8.1 Each year the Club will produce appropriate financial accounts and present them to the Annual General Meeting.
A suitable person or organisation, approved by the Committee will audit each year's accounts.

9 Organisation
The Club will be managed by a Committee comprising of the following Officials:
9.1 Chairman
9.2 General Secretary
9.3 Treasurer
9.4 Any Specialist Secretaries or General Committee Members as the AGM may appoint.
9.5 All Committee Members will be elected at AGM and serve for one year.
9.6 Committee members may stand for re-election.

10 Dissolution
On dissolution, any assets and property belonging to the club, shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the club, but shall be applied to such charitable purposes in the local area as the management committee shall decide.


Date constitution agreed: 29th August 2002.

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