The following categories of membership are available for the 2011 season:

To apply for Full Membership please complete one Membership Form for each applicant. If there is anything that you are unclear about please do not hesitate to ask. This will allow you to participate in Club practice nights, and Club events. Your Membership will also allow you to participate in various Club events, vote at the Annual General Meeting (if over 16), and makes you eligible for product discounts with various suppliers as detailed on our website, www.hawksbmx.co.uk, from time to time.

Alternatively if you require any further information or assistance please email: membership@hawksbmx.co.uk

Any BMX or MTB can be used at Club level, but it must be in a safe condition, have a working rear brake and any protruding accessories removed. A helmet (Full-face) and gloves must be worn, together with a full length top and trousers. It is also a recommended to have bike pads, and wear extra body protection.. For the safety of all riders, these rules must be strictly adhered to when participating in Club events.

Image:Hawks on the Start Gate

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