Schools Outreach Programme 2005

Day One

The much anticipated schools outreach programme kicked off on day one at William Byrd School in Harlington. Children from years 5 & 6 (ages 10 & 11) took part, around 120 children in total. We gave an introduction at the start to all the children in front of the Bolsover Council Extreme Wheels Truck, showing a How to BMX Race dvd with DJ and BMX Coach CK Flash & Hawks BMX Club Chairman Scott Dick telling them what BMX Racing was all about, a short Q&A session with a demonstration on the electronic start gate from our invited British BMX Squad riders Liam & Charlie Phillips which the crowd loved, cheering Liam when he done a massive wheely out of the gate.

Image:Introducing BMX to the class

We then worked in separate sessions of around 25 minutes with one class of 30 children at a time, taking them through the basics of safety and then having fun races round the school playing field which we had laid out with cones and tape. The children absolutely loved it and, in between giving tips CK Flash would be giving a running commentary, interviewing the children as they came over the finish. Most children got about 4 races in during the session. We also worked with a certain number of children that had never rode a bike before during these sessions and took them over to a safe area and worked with them one to one.

Image:Kids trying out the bikes

At the end of each session we would give out Club Info leaflets which had a free Have a go voucher to take part in a free coaching session at our track in Lake Farm Country Park, the riders also gave out autographs, stickers and posters which went down well. We finished the session with loads of children looking a bit muddy, but with big smiles on their faces, even the teacher Mr Downes had a go and kitted up and raced with the children in his class.

Image:CK signs autographs

So it was onto the next session that day at Harlington Youth Centre, just about half a mile from the track, this was going to be an evening session with ages 12-14. It proved too wet to do any outside activity as planned with bikes etc, so we ran a session inside the gym with the start gate and an introduction chat with dvd to around 40 youth, a good mixture of both boys and girls, some were a bit shy at first, but got involved and had a go on the gate and asked loads of questions. It was good to get a chance speak first hand to some of the local youth about what we were all about and the sport of BMX racing, some of the children did not even know there was a bmx track at Lake Farm.

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