Schools Outreach Programme 2005

Day Two

It was an early start and set up by 9.00am at Wood End School Hayes. The Hawks BMX Roadshow was well and truly warmed up and around 230 children from years 5 & 6 again came out with their chairs and class teachers to see and hear about BMX racing and Hawks BMX Club, it tuned out to be a lively session with children getting involved in the Q&A and loving the demos from our top riders on the start gate once again.

The morning session was the same format as Day 1 at William Byrd School, working with 30 year 5 children at a time over a 30 minute session each. The session went well once again and then we had a break for lunch before the afternoon session with year 6.

We had support from Cathy Carr from Hillingdon Sports Development at the morning session and also observers from the new Sports Academy at John Penrose School in Harefield Middx, seeing what all this BMX fun was all about. They stayed for a while chatting to British BMX Squad rider Charlie Phillips and would love us to come up to John Penrose school and do a session and even bus children down to the track for BMX Coaching during school time. We also hear from Lucy Corless from Hillingdon Sports Development that the new Stockley Park Sports Academy wants to do the very same thing from 2006.

Also a photographer came down from the local Gazette newspaper and took some pictures of the GB Squad riders with the children. An article with photo will be in the next issue of the Gazette.

DJ and BMX Coach Ck Flash thought he would have some fun during lunch with all the children and play some music from the onboard PA system on the truck, before long he had a sea of kids waving their hands in the air, dancing and a full on autograph signing session with the riders and the whole truck was cleaned out of posters, flyers and stickers, everything gone... The children from the younger year groups were asking why they could not have a go on the bmx bikes, so we said hopefully next year we could come and do the same thing again.

The afternoon session went off with year 6 and one of our club members Leon Winchester who attends the school gave a helping hand with his fellow school mates during this session.

Ck Flash and the riders helped the children once again to learn skills and have fun on bmx bikes and the fun races round the field proved successful.

No sooner had it started that we found ourselves packing away, the 2 days had flown past. We had seen around 400 children over the two days at the three different locations, we had spread the message and introduced cycling and BMX racing to those children in a positive and fun way.

The parents and teachers gave the project great feedback, saying it was something totally different and it made a change that it was free.

In my 25 years involved with BMX and Hawks BMX Club, I feel that this project is the most effective, positive exercise the club has ever conducted. The feedback and feel good factor already being felt is so encouraging and at the same time rewarding. Only time will tell what impact it will have, but we can monitor this over the coming weeks/months and see what new children from these schools visit the Track for coaching sessions and races. On the Sat right after the school visits we had three children come down to the track from the two schools, one father of a girl from William Byrd school said his daughter called him at work straight away after our visit saying she had a such a great time and would he take her to the track on Sat. She came down and loved it and is coming back next week.

The Club's aim now would be to repeat this Schools Outreach Programme to a wider audience and hopefully visit more schools in the area prior to Easter 2006, funding permitting.

The club will also going to be producing a short video from footage shot over the two days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support with this project, because without them it would not have been possible... Good Going & Transport for London..William Byrd & Wood End Schools..Harlington Young People's Centre Hillingdon Sports Development, GB BMX Squad Riders Liam & Charlie Phillips, Milly Milburn & Liam Batey with the Bolsover Extreme Wheels truck and CK Flash who delivered the whole programme in his own unique style.

Scott Dick
Hayes Hawks BMX Club

For more Info about how to hire the Bolsover District Council Extreme Wheels Truck for future events, contact John Tipton or Michael Milburn on 01246 242357 or email: leisure@bolsover.gov.uk.

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