BMX racing is great fun to take part in and great fun to watch. But there's a lot of work involved in putting on a race. This can also be great fun, especially if there are plenty of volunteers to spread the load.

BMX is a relatively cheap sport to take part in, at around £5 to race, I reckon it's good value. This is usually down to the fact that it is the riders families and friends that prepare the track and facilities. Normally the Mums and Dads, but we've got riders and race fans to help out as well.

We are very lucky as a club of course, to have some very experienced 'BMXers' to guide us, but whatever your talents, I'm sure that we could find a use for them, from promoting an event to pushing a broom.

In my experience, my children loved the sport right from the start and I spent a few races at the sidelines trying to work out what was what and wondering how long it would be before the novelty wore off with them. It soon became apparent that this was no 'flash in the pan' and I could see that the kids were making new friends so I thought I would try and do the same. I soon found out that 'friends' in BMX terms means doing something to help. As a butcher, I didn't think that there was much that I could really offer to the club by way of experience. Haa!! Within weeks I was setting up a barbecue on a regular basis and adding to club funds!!

Of course, my wife Tina started to wonder where the rest of the family were at every spare moment and on visiting the track, it wasn't long (about two minutes) before a job was found for her too, on the finish line! So now... “It's a family affair”.

I'm seeing my kids get exercise, make friends and not get bored, and I'm spending all this time with them. I don't regret a moment of the time I've been involved with the club.

So, whatever experience, skills or time you have to offer us, please don't be shy in coming forward, speak to anyone at the club and we'll be your 'friend' Hehe!

Tony “The Butcher” Luckhurst
BMX Dad & Club Volunteer

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